studio specialized in graphic design, product design, character design, mascots, illustration, brand development and identity.

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E-Glue, design(s) studio

E-Glue is a big part of the story, the life and time of Marielle Baldelli and Sébastien Messerschmidt ! They first met in 2001, by chance we must say, while studying at the Arts Décoratifs de Strasbourg (Haute Ecole des Arts du Rhin), and for a few years, each independently has made his own way ; one represented by the most famous French illustration agency (Agent 002) as an advertising illustrator and for youth press, the other at the head of a series of exhibitions to the 8 corners of Europe both as visual designer and curator. It’s only in 2006 that they decided to combine their skills to launch E-Glue, a studio specialized in mascots, illustration, graphic design and product design, at the same time as the children’s design brand of same name.

Working for over 10 years as independent illustration and graphic design studio for logos, animations, print and web advertising, mascots and decors, E-Glue creates and enhances brand identity for its clients and develops strategic perspectives through various forms of media. In 2006, E-Glue studio also launched its first infant product brand, sold around the world through its online store All E-Glue products are made in small quantities, promoting quality, craftsmanship, uniqueness and precious things. Their designs are characterized by simple shapes, clean and uncluttered style, particularly well-suited to kids world and living spaces. With this expertise, E-Glue studio now intends to create other projects, in line with its values and desire : research, environmental issues, independence, originality, local production, modernization in crafts, territorial and know-how development, beyond the child. To be continued !

E-Glue Design Studio
Aux Lauds 38710 Prébois – France
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e-mail : – +33 (0)6 83 54 20 36


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